Kaylea Cross
“Deb is an editing wizard. She’s not only able to identify weaknesses in critical elements like plot, pacing and characterization, she gives specific feedback on how to improve all elements in the story. She’s worth her weight in gold.”
Annika Martin/Carolyn Crane
“I’m always so amazed at the things Deb is able to catch—and so grateful for the smart ideas and insights she offers. She really knows how to push a story to the next level. I feel lucky to have found her.”
Loreth Anne White
“I’ve worked with Deb on two romantic suspense/thrillers and will work with her again in a heartbeat. I value her ability to see the big picture, as well as her fine attention to the details and idiosyncrasies of language and grammar, but above all, I respect her knowledge, and her grasp of the various genres and the industry. Bottom line, I trust her input.”
Mimi Matthews
“Deb has done both developmental and line edits on my last six historical romance novels, and I can’t imagine trusting my books to anyone else. Her keen editorial insights and knowledge of the genre never fail to make my stories stronger. She identifies weaknesses in characterization, conflict, and pacing, and makes suggestions on how I can tighten up my prose and sharpen my dialogue—all without altering my unique voice. Working with her has helped to make me a better writer. She’s an absolute gem.”
Lucy Parker
“I've had the privilege of working with Deb on five books now. She's a fantastic editor, with the knack of reading a manuscript and seeing how much more it could be, and she helps the author to draw out that potential without interfering with their own voice. She's genuinely encouraging and supportive, always works with tact and kindness, and engages fully with every story and its characters. All of my books have improved significantly through the editing process, and Deb consistently helps me to grow, learn, and develop as a writer. I would recommend her as an editor without reservation.”
Josh Lanyon
“Every author needs a secret weapon. With her years of experience, critical insight and attention to detail, Deb Nemeth is mine.”
Nina Lane
“Deborah is an incredible editor—smart, insightful, honest, and with an exceptional knowledge of overall story and character arcs, as well as the details of the plot itself. She not only helps you look at your work from a new angle, but provides valuable suggestions for how to improve and strengthen your writing. I have always been so impressed with the consistent excellence of her work. She is truly an author’s dream editor.”
Annabeth Albert
"Careful and thoughtful, Deb's developmental edits show a true gift for understanding the larger picture of a story and drilling down to its heart with comments that enable a book—and its author—to become their best selves. Her line edits take the developmental edits and polish the story's potential. Taken together, I know that I am a better writer today for having worked with Deb for so many books, and I so appreciate how she pushes me to dig deep with every book."
Toni Anderson
“Deb Nemeth is a fantastic editor. She not only helps tease out the beauty and utility of each sentence, she’s also great at helping to build the novel paragraph by paragraph, all the while seeing the story as a whole, and judging characters’ actions and motivations with a reader’s eye.”
Nancy Naigle
“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity of having Deb Nemeth do developmental and line edits on multiple projects. She provides clear direction, and I can count on her to deliver my edits on time with value-added content ideas and suggestions. She’s a true partner, bringing her years of experience to help me showcase my stories and produce a quality product, while allowing my voice to shine. I’ve learned so much through the editing process with Deb.”
Kat Latham
“Working with Deb is one of the best experiences of my publishing career. Not only is she brilliantly insightful about story structure and characterization, but she is unfailingly friendly, encouraging and professional. She has edited five of my books so far, most of which have been named Recommended Reads at Dear Author, a status that immediately made their sales shoot up. When I decided to try self-publishing, it was a no-brainer to hire Deb. Anyone fortunate enough to work with her will tell you the same: Deb is one of the best in the business!”
Jeffe Kennedy
“Deb Nemeth is easily the most thorough developmental editor I’ve ever worked with. She has an eye for both detail and the overall story and character arc, along with a gift for bringing out the best in every story. She is also unflinching in her allegiance to the story and pushing the author to dig deep. Highly recommend her! Deb edits all of my indie work and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Shirley Wells
“After eight books and counting, I am still in awe of Deb’s professionalism, her attention to detail and her amazing insight. Apart from weeding out typos, grammatical errors and clunky sentence structure, she questions every plot flaw and minor inconsistency, and makes suggestions for adding depth, heightening suspense and so much more. In short, she takes a story and makes it shine. Long gone are the days when I would send a book out into the world before Deb has worked her magic. She’s a delight to work with and I can’t thank her enough for what she’s brought to my books and my writing.”
Solace Ames
“Deborah Nemeth edited two novels for me. As a testimony to her skills as an editor, both have won awards, one from Publishers Weekly and the other from RT Magazine. I can’t say enough good things about her editing. It’s thorough, thoughtful, communicative, and creative. Sometimes as a writer, when part of your novel isn’t working and you know it, you might feel lost, confused and desperate, like the pilot of an airplane about to crash in the dark. And at that point of despair I hear Deborah coming onto the radio, giving landing instructions, and lighting up the runway. I’m dead serious. If you’re also serious about your writing and need a good editor…get Deborah!”